Contact info

This is an all-in-one compendium page for means to get in contact with me for whatever purpose. While I value my privacy, all of this info is already obtainable from WHOIS records, phone books, and other public sources, so it doesn't really make sense for me to make it merely inconvenient for people to find.

I do read my email and snail mail regularly, but you're probably not going to be able to get hold of me by telephone without prior arrangements, since pretty much everything goes to voice mail or the answering machine if I'm not expecting a call. The curse of telemarketers... sorry.

Electronic communication

IRC:ChocoEd (most easy to find in #nnl on irc.zirc.org irc.synirc.net)

Physical communication

Edward Keyes
515 San Pierre Way
Mountain View, CA 94043

Edward Keyes
152 Charles St. #1
Cambridge, MA 02141

Edward Keyes
P.O. Box 397263
Cambridge, MA 02139-7263

Voice communication

Home phone:(650) 965-3230     (617) 547-0614
Fax:(650) 965-3230     (617) 547-0614
Cellphone:(617) 669-1962     (also works for SMS/MMS text messaging)

Obsolete communication

If you got to this page by searching for my old MIT email address, eakeyes@mit.edu, you can just update your records to use @alum.mit.edu instead.

Other old emails for the consumption of search engines so people can find the new info: daggerware@earthlink.net, mistered@1stresource.com, keyesea@ctrvax.vanderbilt.edu.