How to be creative

Posted December 7, 2005

I've had this article in my bookmarks for a while, and just ran across it again, sparking anew my admiration for the philosophy espoused in it. It was written from the perspective of a cartoonist who doodles on the backs of business cards, but surprisingly the advice about how to strike out on your own and change your little corner of the world is very universal: whether the corner of the world you care about is cartooning or Japanese video games or <insert fancy high-tech subfield here>.

It's long, so you may not want to read it now, but you should at some point, because it's both good advice as well as inspiring. Everyone has — or should have! — a secret dream for something they'd like to accomplish during their life, something creative above and beyond just putting up with a 9-to-5 grind and surviving to pay the bills for another day. Think of that dream while you read the article, and just mentally substitute it for "business-card doodling" as you go along.